Fountain pen ink lightfastness test, part II

The following inks were selected for the test:

– Noodler’s bulletproof

– De Atramentis Dokumententinte (Document ink)

– Rohrer&Klingner Sketch

– Sailor Storia & Sei Boku

– Platinum Carbon & Pigment

– Winsor&Newton Calligraphy ink for fountain pens

– PW Akkerman (only a few)

– PenBBS (only a few)

– Sailor Studio (only a few)

I selected these inks based on some online lightfastness research and personal preferences. Most of them have been out on the window for about 3 months now (but not all of them since some orders were relayed). Check the pictures for all the necessary information. I will post another update after they have been out for 6 months.